Alex Acker
Biographical information
  • Unknown
  • Undead
  • Human (Originally)
  • Vampire (Currently)
  • Traveller (Currently)
  • Male
Family information
Family members
  • Unnamed Father †
  • Unknown Mother †
  • Leo (Little Brother)
Supernatural information
Significant Friends
Cause of death
  • Unknown
Killed by
  • Kidnappers (as a human)
Played by
First seen

Alex Acker is one of Adrian Desmond's Traveller friends and team members.

He had a father, who brought him up on his own without help from his wife/girl friend.

Early LifeEdit

At the age of 16, Alex decided to leave home and travel the world. Then he found out about a powerful person named Adrian Desmond , and Adrian revealed to him about his supernatural destiny and he decided to join him.


Alex and his little brother was killed and turned by a bunch of kidnappers, who kidnapped them for three years. 

Throughout Angry SoulsEdit

Main Article: Angry Souls


Little is known about Alex so far, except that he is a traveller, who was turned by a Adrian as he was dying.

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