Species Information
  • Active
  • Mortal
Related species
  • Mostly incapable of psychic ability

Humans are living mortal beings characterized by their incapability to exhibit magical or supernatural powers.

As the human race repletes the majority of the Earth’s population, they are commonly noted for their desire to influence and understand the environment by seeking to explain and manipulate phenomena through mythology, philosophy, religion, and science.


  • Humans can be turned into vampires.

Humans can give birth to doppelgängers, werewolves, or witches.

Humans can become mediums or supernatural hunter.

The human race is the oldest species known to man.

Humans generally have a short life-span when compared to other sentient species.

  • Vampires and hybrids are ageless, witches can slow down their aging, and ghosts can keep on existing and influencing the world around them if they find a way.

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