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Biographical information
  • Undead (Possessing Young Boy)
  • Nobleboy
  • Κιέραν
  • Human (formerly)
  • Vampire (currently)
  • Warlock (formerly)
  • Ghost (formerly)
  • Passenger (currently)
  • Male
Family information
Family Members
  • Unnamed Mother †
  • Unnamed Father †
  • Maria (Sister)
  • Maci (Distant Descendant)
  • Maci's Unnamed Father (Descendant)
  • Maci's Unnamed Mother
Supernatural information
Cause of death
  • Stabbed (as a human)
  • Staked and Killed (as a vampire - 2nd time)
I've been a shadow to the real world for centuries. It's great to be back.

–To Maci, After possessing human body.

Kieran was a vampire and a warlock from Ancient Greece.

He is spirit who is possessing a human boy's body, to carry on his previously failed life.


Kieran (Gaelic: Ciarán) was born in Ancient Greece into a minor wealth family. He lived in a small village in Greece.

Early life

In his youth, he was a noble boy known for his nobility and kindness to every villager.


A few years later, he was killed by Greece's king. When he was brought to the city's morgue he was found and turned into a vampire by an unknown assailant. But not everything was right with him when he fleed his city, leaving his family behind and a few centuries later, someone found him and told him about his natural powers which was 'Witch Powers'. But unfortunately that did not last when he was staked and killed.


In the other side, he found a loophole when is told of thatis a powerful warlock and he can possess a humans body; so he completes his mission for a fresh start on life and possess a human body.



When Kieran was a human, his personality was just like any normal boy's personality; kind, caring and happy.


When Kieran turned, his personality was heightened and turned more evil; his caring feelings vanished but disparate and anger were dreadful that he was killing people to the sudden extent of evil.


Inside a human boy's body, he became powerless and vulnerable to any enemies he had made through the years as a vampire; but that did not stop him as he was like his normal human self but with more sass, craziness and evilness. He is evil, cool, hip but underneath all of that he was; caring and pleasent. He also had to pretend to be the boy when he was incontrol and that brought him closer to the boy' family.



Other Relationships

Former Minions


Kieran \ki(e)-ran\ as a boy's name is pronounced KEER-en. It is of Irish and Gaelic origin, and the meaning of Kieran is "black". Name of a saint (sixth century) who was admired for his generosity. It's original worded Ciarán.


  • Kieran's name is from Ireland but he was born in Ancient Greece.

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