Biographical information
  • 31/8/1992
  • Greece
  • Liberty worker (Early Life)
  • Female
Family information
Supernatural information
Magical Features
  • Can possess anyone she likes.
Played by



Sophie is an ex-traveller, who is currently Possessing a human girl. She can posess anyone she likes by Mental Picturing.


Sophie born 31/8/1992 in Greece and she lived here. She had a normal life with many friends. She went to school and also she had guitar lessons. She loves music, movies and books. Her life was normal till she find out that she is a traveller and that changed many things as she tried to learn more about her abillity. 

Early Teens

When she reached her early teenage years, she realize that she is a traveller and could use supernatural abilites, she goes to far when she Mental Pictures and possesses a human girl's body and seals herself inside, so no one can ever disable her ability.

Throughout Angry Souls

Main Article: Angry Souls


Original Body



She is kind, friendly, stuborn and selfish. She is a good girl who loves her family and friends but she can be very mean. She always take what she likes and wants. She can fall in love easily. She is very generous with the people she loves and she is devoted to them. She can trust easily but she can be pure evil if someone hurts her. 


  • Unlike, any of the other Travellers, she is not a member of the young travellers or any traveller group in the TVD or TO Universe.
  • The Traveller magic came naturally to her.

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